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What happend after u bet pokemon x

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What Happens After You Beat Pokemon X: A Comprehensive Review

In this review, we will explore the benefits and positive aspects of a resource called "What Happens After You Beat Pokemon X." This guide aims to provide valuable information and guidance to players who have completed the game and are curious about what comes next. Whether you're a dedicated Pokemon fan or a casual gamer, this resource offers insights and recommendations to enhance your gaming experience.

I. Overview

  • A comprehensive guide for players after completing Pokemon X, offering detailed information on post-game content and activities.
  • Provides valuable insights into the game's extended storyline, exploration opportunities, and additional challenges.
  • Offers tips, strategies, and recommendations to make the most out of your post-game adventures.

II. Positive Aspects

  1. Extensive Post-Game Content:

    • Unlocks new areas, events, and storylines to keep players engaged after completing the main storyline.
    • Offers an array of exciting quests, challenges, and battles with powerful trainers and legendary Pokemon.
  2. Enhanced Exploration:

    • Provides a detailed overview of hidden areas, secret encounters, and rare Pokemon that become available after beating the main game.
    • Offers guidance on how to access previously inaccessible locations, encouraging exploration and discovery
Title: How to Get Ampharosite in the Main Storyline Before You Beat the Elite Four in Pokemon Y SEO meta-description: Discover the step-by-step guide on acquiring Ampharosite in the main storyline of Pokemon Y before challenging the Elite Four. Learn how to obtain this valuable Mega Stone and boost your battling prowess. Introduction: Are you an aspiring Pokemon trainer on a quest to become the ultimate champion in Pokemon Y? Well, look no further! In this article, we will unveil the secrets to obtaining Ampharosite, a powerful Mega Stone that can greatly enhance your battling capabilities. Follow our step-by-step guide to ensure you acquire this valuable item within the main storyline before facing the Elite Four. #1 Obtaining the Mega Ring Before embarking on your journey to acquire Ampharosite, you must first obtain the Mega Ring. This essential item allows your Pokemon to Mega Evolve during battles. Follow these steps to procure the Mega Ring: 1. Head to Shalour City: Travel to Shalour City, a location you will visit during the main storyline. 2. Challenge Korrina: Locate Korrina, the Gym Leader of Shalour City, and engage in a battle with her. 3. Defeat Korrina and Receive the

How do you get Mega Evolution stones in Pokémon X and Y?

Finding Mega Stones Many Mega Stones can be found all over Kalos, and even more can be found sparkling on the ground after powering up your Mega Ring. To power up your Mega Ring, you must do the following: Beat the Pokemon League. Go to Kiloude City by train from Lumiose Station in Lumiose City.

How do you unlock Mega Stones?

Before finding the Mega Stones you need to have defeated the Pokémon League and traveled to Kiloude City and defeated your rival for the final time. Your rival (he or she) will give you an Absolite (the Mega Stone for Absol) and tell you to visit Professor Sycamore (he is found in Anistar City).

How do you get the other starter Mega Stones X and Y?

The guy in Lumiose will sell you both of the starter stones you didn't get from Sycamore, but he only sells one per day, on a three day cycle. On the first day, He'll sell Venusaurite. The second day he sells Charizardite (X or Y, depending on your version). The third day he sells Blastoisinite.

How do you get the mega bracelet in Pokemon Y?

Mega Ring is an in-game item available in Pokémon X and Y that allows you to evolve your Pokémon into its “Mega” form. Mega Ring can be acquired by defeating Korrina, the gym leader of Shalour City, and is used with Mega Stones to make your Pokémon undergo a mega evolution during a Pokémon battle.

Can Greninja Mega Evolve?

Ash-Greninja is not considered a Mega Evolution because it's form change is not the result of the use of a Mega or Key Stone and happens purely through Greninja's ability and bond with its trainer. In the Gen 7 games, this ability is called “Battle Bond".

What happens when you catch all Pokemon in Pokemon X?

Pokémon X & Y - The player wins two diplomas for completing both the Kalos and National Dex. Seeing all of the Pokémon in the Kalos Pokédex will earn the player an Oval Charm, while completing the National Dex will earn them a Shiny Charm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you catch mewtwo in Pokemon X?

Mewtwo is one of the most famous and elusive Pokémon in the series' long history, and it is finally available for everyone to catch in Pokémon X and Y. You'll need to have beaten the Elite Four, but Mewtwo is well worth it.

Where do I go after beating Elite 4 in Pokemon Y?

The Lumiose Station After the credits roll, start your game back up to find yourself back in Vaniville Town. Your mother will tell you Professor Sycamore wishes to see you at the Lumiose Station at North Boulevard. Right outside your home is Shauna. She will offer you the first evolution of her own Starter Pokemon.

What happens after you defeat Elite 4?

Extra Matches. In addition to the Gym Leaders and Master Trainers, there are a few other battles that you'll be able to partake in after defeating the Elite Four. Team Rocket's Archer lurks about the Team Rocket Hideout in Celadon City waiting for a rematch, and the nefarious Jessie and James can be found on Route 17.

Where is Barry after the Elite Four?

Challenge the Battle Tower After defeating the Elite Four, Barry will call you to meet with him at the Fight Zone.

Where can I find Ampharos Mega Stone?

Azure Bay Mega Ampharos: You will be given this stone, Ampharosite, in Azure Bay. Mega Scizor: You can find this stone, Scizorite, in the Frozen Cavern located behind Abomasnow. Mega Heracross: You can find this stone, Heracronite, in Santalune Forest during the post-game.


Can Greninja mega evolve?
Ash-Greninja is not considered a Mega Evolution because it's form change is not the result of the use of a Mega or Key Stone and happens purely through Greninja's ability and bond with its trainer. In the Gen 7 games, this ability is called “Battle Bond".
Where can I meet Professor Sycamore post game?
Fly over to Anistar City and go over to the Sun Dial in the west. Here you will find Professor Sycamore. He'll tell you what his research has found regarding Mega Stones and the Mega Ring.
How do you get Ampharosite in Pokemon Y?
Ampharos: Travel beneath the Sea Spirits Den in Azure bay, and a man on an island (next to a fishing trainer) will give you Ampharosite.
Where do I meet Professor Sycamore after beating the game?
Fly over to Anistar City and go over to the Sun Dial in the west. Here you will find Professor Sycamore. He'll tell you what his research has found regarding Mega Stones and the Mega Ring.
In which cafe do you meet the professor in Pokemon X?
Lysandre Cafe Afterword, you'll meet Professor Sycamore and Lysandre here before moving on.

What happend after u bet pokemon x

Where do you go after you beat Clemont in Pokemon X? Go out of the gate on the northernmost boulevard to Route 14.
Where do I go after defeating Olympia? Defeat Olympia to earn P7,680, TM04 Calm Mind, and the Psychic Badge, which allows Pokemon up to Level 90 obey you. Use the new warp tile to exit out of the gym. You will receive another Holo Clip which hints at your next destination: Lysandre Cafe in Lumiose City's Magenta Plaza.
Where to meet Professor Sycamore after catching Xerneas? You reunite with your friends for a little debriefing, and everyone returns to Anistar City. Once you reach Anistar, Professor Sycamore contacts you via Holo Caster again. He wants you to meet him in Couriway Town, so pass through the south tunnel to Route 18.
What level should Pokémon be for Elite Four lets go? Make sure anything you bring is at least level 50 - a solid level 55 that isn't on this list is probably better in most cases than a level 40 with a type advantage.
  • What level should I be for the Sinnoh Elite Four?
    • Between 55 and 60 The ideal levels to challenge the Pokémon League are between 55 and 60-ish. Aaron - the first and perhaps weakest of the Sinnoh Elite Four - has three level 53 Pokémon, with his toughest being a level 57 Drapion (which ironically isn't a Bug-type).
  • What level should you be to fight the Elite Four fire red?
    • Reach level 65 before taking on the Elite Four. They can be found in Indigo Plateau at the end of Victory Road.
  • What level should I be for Crystal Elite Four?
    • You need your pokemon to be at least lvl 50 before taking on the elite four. If we consider raising pokemon to about lvl 50-60 you should be able to win with at least three pokemon: Dark, Psychic, and Water/Ice types.
  • What Pokémon should I use to beat the Elite Four?
    • As is tradition, the final member of Paldea's Elite Four is a Dragon-type trainer, meaning Dragon, Ice, and Fairy-type attacks are the best counters. However, players should be wary of using Fairy-types against Haxorus and Dragalge, as the two have access to Steel and Poison-type attacks respectively.