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Who has the best defence in the premier league

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Who Has the Best Defense in the Premier League?

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Title: What is the Least Likely Result in Premier League? Exploring Unforeseen Outcomes in American Soccer Meta Description: Discover the unexpected twists and turns of the Premier League in the US, as we delve into the least likely results that have left fans astounded. Prepare to be amazed by the unpredictable nature of American soccer! Introduction The Premier League in the US is known for its thrilling matches and unpredictable outcomes. While anything can happen on the pitch, some results seem highly improbable. In this article, we will explore the least likely results in the Premier League, showcasing the surprising moments that have left fans in awe. 1. The Underdog's Triumph: A Miracle on the Field One of the least likely results in the Premier League is when an underdog team defeats a powerhouse. These moments are often referred to as "miracles on the field," where a team with lower expectations manages to outplay and outscore their superior opponents. Such victories are a testament to the unpredictability of the game and the fighting spirit of lesser-known clubs. 2. A Scoreless Stalemate: When Defenses Dominate While goals are the essence of soccer, a scoreless draw is considered an unlikely result in the Premier League. With highly skilled attackers and talented goal

What Premier League team has conceded the most goals?

Most Goals Conceded in a Premier League Season
  • *Swindon Town (1993-94) – 100 goals (2.38 goals per game)
  • *Ipswich Town (1994-95) – 93 goals (2.21 goals per game)
  • Derby County (2007-08) – 89 goals (2.34 goals per game)
  • Fulham (2013-14) – 85 goals (2.24 goals per game)

Which club has the most defeats in Premier League history?

2.West Ham United433
3.Aston Villa404
4.Newcastle United397

Which club conceded 100 goals in Premier League?

Swindon Swindon become the first top-flight team in 30 years to concede 100 goals in a season, and nobody has done it since.

Which team has conceded the least goals in Premier League history?

Chelsea Records
Fewest PL goals conceded in a season15 - Chelsea (2004/05)
Most PL goals conceded at home in a season46 - Watford (2021/22)
Most PL goals conceded away in a season*59 - Ipswich Town (1994/95 - 42 matches) 55 - Wigan Athletic (2009/10 - 38 matches)

Has there ever been an undefeated Premier League team?

The actual nickname of the Preston team was the "Old Invincibles" but both versions have been in use although Arsenal is the only team to ever finish a 38 match season undefeated.

Who has the best defensive season in Premier League?

Vidéos OneFootball
  1. Chelsea 2004/05 – 15 goals conceded.
  2. Arsenal 1998/99 – 17 goals conceded.
  3. Manchester United 2007/08 – 22 goals conceded.
  4. Liverpool 2018/19 – 22 goals conceded.
  5. Chelsea 2005/06 – 22 goals conceded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has conceded most goals in Premier League history?

Most goals conceded in Premier League history
  1. 1 Everton - goals conceded: 1,357 - total games: 1,067.
  2. 2 Tottenham Hotspur - goals conceded: 1,346 - total games: 1,067.
  3. 3 West Ham United - goals conceded: 1,319 - total games: 911.
  4. 4 Newcastle United - goals conceded: 1,276 - total games: 949.

Who is best defense in Premier League?

Premier League Defence Stats
TeamGoals against
3Manchester City23
4Aston Villa27

Who is the best defender in the Premier League 2023?

Best Defenders in the Premier League 2023
  • #3 Best Defender in the Premier League: Kyle Walker (Manchester City), RB.
  • #2 Best Defender in the Premier League: Kieran Trippier (Newcastle United), RB.
  • #1 Best Defender in the Premier League: John Stones (Manchester City), CB.

How many goals did Liverpool scored in 2023?

🍿 From long-range to late winners... Enjoy all 114 of our goals in 2023 🎬


Which club has scored the most goals in the Premier League?
Manchester United Goals
1.Manchester United2,267
How many goals Liverpool scored in total?
Few interesting facts from our database. Liverpool FC has scored 10396 goals in 5941 competitive matches registered at LFChistory.
Who has scored for Liverpool this season?
Liverpool Scoring Stats
Trent Alexander-Arnold182
Virgil van Dijk191
Harvey Elliott171
Alexis Mac Allister161
How many club goals have Liverpool scored?
Liverpool FC has scored 10396 goals in 5941 competitive matches registered at LFChistory. 214 of those goals are own goals and 547 came from the penalty spot. 473 players have scored a goal for Liverpool FC.

Who has the best defence in the premier league

Who has the most goals in the Premier League this year? 1Erling Haaland | Manchester City | 14 goals Erling Haaland made last season's top-scorer battle one of the most boring Golden Boot races in Premier League history.
When was the last time Liverpool conceded 5 at Anfield? The result was always changing. It was spectacular." Liverpool conceded five goals in a home match for only the second time in the last 66 years - the other occasion was also against Arsenal, in a 6-3 defeat in the League Cup in January 2007.
What was Liverpool's biggest loss in Anfield? Defeats
  • Record defeat: 1–9 against Birmingham City in Second Division, 11 December 1954.
  • Record defeat at Anfield: 0–6 against Sunderland in First Division, 19 April 1930.
  • Record-scoring defeat: 2–9 against Newcastle United in First Division, 1 January 1934.
  • How many times have Liverpool conceded the first goal?
    • In those 28 games in all competitions in which they have conceded the first goal, Liverpool have gone on to win nine times, draw seven and lose 12.
  • Have Liverpool lost a game at home this season?
    • Sunday's victory over Brentford meant Liverpool have won all nine of their home games in all competitions this season, all by a margin of two or more goals. It is the joint-longest home winning run by 2+ goals in the club's illustrious history (also nine from May to October 1980).
  • When did Liverpool last lose at Anfield?
    • The Reds have lost just once at Anfield in the Premier League, against Leeds in October, while away from home it has been a different story. Liverpool have lost seven of their 13 away games in the league and 10 in 19 in all competitions – and they are still to play Man City and Chelsea at their grounds.